Dialogues About a New Psychology, by Jan Smedslund



Dialogues About a New Psychology

by Jan Smedslund

Jan Smedslund, 2021 (WorldShare Books), 2004 (original in print)
ISBN (print): 0-7880-2115-x
ISBN (WorldShare Books): 978-1-938552-87-8

This book presents a new paradigm for psychology. It is written in the form of dialogues between three fictional psychologists. In twelve sessions they develop a novel approach to psychology as the study of persons. The work is the outcome of Dr. Smedslund’s sustained engagement in psychology for more than half a century as clinician, experimenter, and a theoretician. He presents here a new view and expands and discusses it in this book. By externalizing his own inner dialogues through these three fictional characters, he presents with maximal clarity, the considerations that have led him away from the old and towards a new conception of psychology. You, the reader, will soon realize that this is, indeed, a radical re-orientation. The dialogues help make the transition intelligible, and provide opportunity for critical evaluation of the arguments and counter-arguments.

Readers’ Comments

“Thank you for one of the most exciting, inspiring and thought-provoking books I have read in a long time”

— Arne Vestergaard, Organizational Psychologist, Copenhagen, Denmark

August 21, 2019 5:16 am

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