Dynamic Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry in Daily Living



Dynamic Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry in Daily Living

by Jacqueline M. Stavros & Cheri B. Torres; foreword by David Cooperrider

Taos Institute Publications WorldShare Books ©2024, ISBN 978-1-958170-12-0
Taos Institute Publications printed version ©2005, ISBN 978-0-971441-66-8

How is it that some people seem to have great relationships and success in their lives while others do not? Why are some organizations successful at sustaining positive change while others make a great start but let it fade away? It rests on the dynamics of their relationships. Creating positive dynamics and sustained success requires continuous awareness and informed appreciative action. Dynamic Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Appreciative Inquiry in Daily Living invites us to step into the appreciative paradigm where the principles governing our actions and relationships offer a means for increased value and meaning in our lives and our communities of work and play. Dynamic Relationships offers us the opportunity to practice these principles through cycles of reflection and action in ways that empower us to become a force for creating and sustaining life-affirming relationships and success in daily living.



“Great work! I’m applying it … and I’m grateful. It provides a simple way to shift our inner thinking and dialogue to “What is of value? What is working? When are we at our best in relation to others and ourselves?” It is the first book to bring Appreciative Inquiry straight into our personal lives.” — David Cooperrider, Co-Creator of Appreciative Inquiry and co-author of “The Appreciative Inquiry Handbook”

“This book is the first to truly understand what the five core principles really mean to Appreciative Inquiry by applying the Principle of Awareness. Stavros and Torres do this in a meaningful way by focusing on the principles and how they relate so closely to each other. This is a fantastic piece of work!” — Jane Seiling, author of “The Membership Organization: Achieving Top Performance through the New Workplace Community”

“This piece takes Appreciative Inquiry beyond the organizational life into your life. It’s an exciting and expansive relational paradigm to live each day.” –Dr. Marge Schiller, President, The Positive Change Corps

“Stavros and Torres provide us with easy to use and highly effective exercises and strategies for creating the relationships, families, and workplaces we want to live in — strategies which can be immediately used by anyone who reads this book.” — Bernard J. Mohr, President, Co-Founder of Innovation Partners Internationa and co-author of “Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination”

“I am really impressed with Dynamic Relationships: Unleashing the Power of AI in Daily Living; I think it is a real contribution to the AI world and to the appreciable world. Cheri and Jackie have done a stellar job. And, it makes me happy to see the glowing tributes about it flowing through the AI listserve. I am putting together the agenda for part 2 of a client workshop — they are already asking for more ways to really live AI, so I want to use the Living the Principles module and recommend your book to them. I think they [and all of us] will most benefit by being exposed to the idea that we each begin to live into an appreciative paradigm, and from there, it travels into our organizations [and also vice versa].” — Sallie Lee, Shared Sun Studio

“Your book puts the heart to the mind of AI! I have reread the book twice already, and have built the exercises into my diary so that it is as important as any other thing I do – and what an affirmative pleasure. I enjoy the learning and the quality of awareness resulting from me doing the exercises. I have given them numbers, and do them on a purely random order — ergo, a new surprise every day. You have selected the submodalities to enhance awareness, but there are so many other things to add! I am an international trainer in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and since I have started reading and studying AI, I just knew a “marriage” of NLP and AI had to happen sometime. I did not do much about publicly promoting a potential “engagement”, for one reason: until your book. Thank you for your gift of the Principle of Awareness, and the book. I have not been as stimulated and as excited about a book in the past five years as I am now.” — Armand Kruger Peak Performance Strategies, South Africa

“I love the book DYNAMIC RELATIONSHIPS and give it as a gift everywhere I go. I recently took a new position in a faith based hospital and have already given the book to our CEO, our Chief Learning Officer, our VP for Mission and our Education Coordinator. The culture of this hospital is already wonderful — they have a very appreciative perspective in everything they do. What a joy to be working in such an environment! I look forward to having conversations with folks here about the book.” — Margaret Crowley

“I am making some significant progress in a few areas thanks to your great book on Dynamic Relationships. Two very important and significant people in my life are still smokers – they have expressed their desire to be free of this addiction. We are working on strategies that have weaved in AI and many points from your Dynamic Relationships book. I will let you know how it goes.” — John Loty, Australia, Sydney Chapter of ISPI

Practical and thoughtful, an exceptional contribution to the field. This book takes AI beyond the organization into your life. –Marge Schiller, President of Positive Change Corps, September 2005

June 18, 2024 2:46 pm

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