Från påverkan till medverkan, by Harlene Anderson & Harold A. Goolishian


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Från påverkan till medverkan

by Harlene Anderson and Harold A. Goolishian
(Eng.: From influence to collaboration)

ISBN: 978-1-938552-32-8
Copyright © 2015

This book is a translation of five articles written by Harlene Anderson and Harry Goolishian, including Problem Determined Systems: Towards Transformations in Family Therapy (1986) and, Human Systems as Linguistic Systems: Preliminary and Evolving Ideas about the Implications for Clinical Theory (1988).

The book was originally published by Mareld Publishing Company in Sweden in 1992 and since then it has been reprinted several times and seen as a classic in systemic training programs. The articles represented an epistemological shift in the field of family therapy and systemic thinking. Since then Anderson has expanded on these original works and has found the inherent assumptions useful for practices across disciplines, contexts and cultures. Recently the publishing rights were given back to Harlene Anderson as author and Kerstin Hopstadius as translator. The book was compiled and translated at a time close to when the original articles were published, so we are pleased to have these texts available on WorldShare.

The cover picture, named In The Beginning Was The Word is a copy of an acrylic painting of family therapist and artist Katarina Jansson, who gave permission to use it for the WorldShare issue of this book. Here are Katarina’s words about her picture:

Creating art concerns the same thing as what I do as a family therapist. Painting becomes a creative conversation between me, the paint, and the lines that emerge. The thing is not to have a pre-conceived idea of what it should look like, but be curious, searching, and sensitive to what happens when the paint and the lines are applied on the canvas. I used to paint non-figuratively, but I am moving towards more figurative painting. The painting started as a dialogue between the trees. During the working process, it provided me with the words for something I had carried within me for a long time.

The book is also available in pdf format at: Mareld Inspiration – Kunskap – Utveckling 

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