Horizons in Buddhist Psychology, Edited by Maurits G.T. Kwee, Kenneth J. Gergen & Fusako Koshikawa


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Horizons in Buddhist Psychology

Edited by Maurits G.T. Kwee, Kenneth J. Gergen and Fusako Koshikawa

Taos Institute Publications, 2021 (WorldShare Books), 2006 (original in print)

ISBN (print): 0-9712312-6-5
ISBN (WorldShare Books): 978-1-938552-99-1


This book is for those who are interested in Buddhist teachings and all who seek routes to growth in human well-being, particularly therapists, coaches, and scientists. It is a vanguard work that sets a cultural revolution in motion by bringing the fruits of the Buddhist heritage together with contemporary therapy, systematic research, and postmodern thought. The volume contains 28 chapters by 38 contributors from 12 countries, and introduces a range of useful practices, evidence of their efficacy, and integrative theoretical deliberations. Its contents move toward a climax called New Buddhist Psychology.

Readers Comments

“Timely and intriguing, a comprehensive source for furthering mindfulness and joy.”

— Robert L. Leahy, President, International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy.

“This volume marks a new level of maturity in the conversation between Buddhism and Western psychology.”

— Paul Fulton, President, Institute for Meditation & Psychotherapy

August 21, 2019 5:17 am

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