[In]Credible Leadership: A Guide for Shared Understanding and Application, by Yuzanne Mare, Isabel Meyer, Elonya Niehaus-Coetzee & Johann Roux


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[In]Credible Leadership: A Guide for Shared Understanding and Application 

by Yuzanne Mare, Isabel Meyer, Elonya Niehaus-Coetzee, and Johann Roux

This guide is about ‘powering’ the possibilities for employees to become leaders who inspire, drive and sustain a culture of high performance and innovation in their organization. It was developed by Exxaro, a South African Mining company, and is based on their signature leadership style – [In]Credible Leadership.

[In]Credible Leadership, as Exxaro’s signature leadership style, was developed through a participatory, socially constructed process. In identifying those special qualities that make a great leader, Exxaro did not search any further than within its own operations. The story of [In]Credible leadership in Exxaro goes back to a few years ago when a group of business unit managers volunteered their time and passion to give the first inputs into a unique leadership philosophy.

Transpiring from these initial thoughts, the journey continued with Exxaro employees being given the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas and understanding of what [In]Credible leadership should be about. Almost 1000 people voluntarily participated in this process. Through this process of participation and conversation, [In]Credible leadership understandings were confirmed, enhanced and enriched to fit Exxaro’s context and strategy. The next step in this journey was to develop a guide in which all these ideas are captured and elaborated on.

This guide is specifically developed for all positional and non-positional leaders at Exxaro, but is also applicable to anyone who is interested in being empowered with the qualities of an [In]Credible leader. The [In]Credible leadership approach goes beyond a focus on the Exxaro leadership team to include all employees, with the assumption that everyone is confronted in their daily work contexts with situations that call for leadership. Empowered with the qualities of an [In]Credible leader, people can contribute towards and sustain a high-performance organization.

When it comes to leadership, a person’s credibility comes first. For a person to be a credible leader, the following components need to be present:

  • A high level of [competence]
  • The [character] of the individual has preferred qualities that drives him/her
  • A preference to [care]
  • An understanding of the importance of good [communication]

A person needs to first establish him-/herself as a credible leader before aspiring to become an [In]Credible leader. To be incredible, means that you have to:

  • [Inspire] people
  • [Involve] people
  • [Invest] in people &
  • [Influence] people to greatness

This leadership guide unpacks all the qualities of an [In]Credible leader, resulting in the reader being more aware and empowered to become an [In]Credible leader who is able to sustain a highperformance culture in the workplace.


A Taos Institute Publication in the WorldShare Book series.

ISBN: 978-1-938552-38-0 (PDF version 2015/ original publication 2014 by Exxaro)


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