New Paradigms, Culture and Subjectivity, Edited by Dora Fried Schnitman & Jorge Schnitman


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New Paradigms, Culture and Subjectivity

Edited by Dora Fried Schnitman and Jorge Schnitman

Comments New Paradigms, Culture and Subjectivity:
“The chapters and interdisciplinary dialogues in New Paradigms, Culture and Subjectivity present an enlightening panorama of the changes occurring in the culture-knowledge-practice landscape over the last two decades. The contributors, a highly distinguished group of international specialists, address subjects that challenge the very boundaries of their professions-disciplines.

In a globalized world, where the resources are available for the annihilation of all living creatures, generative dialogue is essential –open to all and without a point of completion. It is precisely this form of dialogic engagement –cross-disciplinary and cross-national– that the present volume sets out to achieve. The book presents an acute view of cultural change and a fruitful blending of ideas and societal practice.”
(From the Foreword) Kenneth J. Gergen, Mustin Professor of Psychology, Swarthmore College

“This book is a splendid chorale in a huge cathedral: single voices alternate with bands of voices, at different tempos and in different ranges… Its subject, if such a wide-ranging anthology could be said to have one, is the effect deconstruction of the Descartian paradigm on the physical and human sciences… Read this unusual collection if you want a fireworks display that illuminates in bursts and flashes the dark corners of our postmodern world.’’
–Lynn Hoffman, Lecturer Family Therapy Program, St. Joseph College

“New Paradigms, Culture and Subjectivity offers a plenitudeof delights that simultaneously explore new ways of thinking about scientific knowing and the ways that these same knowing processes recursively afford reconceptualization of our relationships to our world(s), to ourselves, and with each other. The book invites us to become intensely curious about and reflect on evolving ‘new way of thinking and acting.’ We are invited into a richly evocative dialogue with the authors… as they themselves mutually unconceal ways of linking their big questions… Highly recommended for anyone who is concerned with systemic knowing and practice.”
–Frederick Steier, Professor of Communication, University of South Florida

“Complexity, chaos, the emergence of order, permanent innovation, the importance of singularities, novelties, first-time events, dialogue, narrative-rich fare indeed. They are all brought together in this landmark book. It presages an exciting future for psychology.”
–John Shotter, Professor of Interpersonal Relations, University of New Hampshire

“This chalenging collection of essays and conversations engages the reader in a process of discovery well worth the effort. The authores tackle the most difficult concepts of our time with fearlessness and zest. Far from providing easy answers, the exploratory tome here points, probes, nudges and cajoles us to embrace the polyphonic future with all of its complexity and uncertainty. Several decades of serious thought from science, therapy and art are represented in this dialogical project, a foundational work that will guide the cultural conversation for some years to come.”
–Carol Wilder, Associate Dean, New School for Social Research

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