NEW! Passionate Pursuits: Selected Clearings from a Life in Dialogue



NEW! Passionate Pursuits: Selected Clearings from a Life in Dialogue

by Kenneth J. Gergen

Taos Institute Publications WorldShare Books ©2024, ISBN 978-1-958170-16-8

The present work brings together the major essays of a globally esteemed psychologist. For over 50 years his writings have represented a catalytic and creative force in pressing the boundaries of understanding and opening vistas of practice. In this volume, Gergen has selected 22 papers that he feels most significant in their expression of his scholarly passions. The citations of several of these papers number in the thousands. Others give voice to specific and sometimes off-beat issues, but always relevant to the challenge of living more viably and vibrantly together on the planet. Gergen claims no ultimate responsibility for the writings; for him they are distillations of a life in dialogue. They are not his voice, but ours.

About the Author:

Kenneth Gergen is a Senior Research Professor in Psychology at Swarthmore College, Co-Founder and President of the Taos Institute. He is internationally known for his contributions to social constructionist theory, technology and cultural change, qualitative inquiry, and relational theory and practice. Based on indicators of impact, quality, and quantity of published work, ScholarGPS ranks Gergen in the top .05% of all scholars in the world. Gergen has received numerous awards for his work, including honorary degrees in both the U.S. and Europe.

July 4, 2024 10:38 am

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