Psychosocial Innovation In Post-War Sri Lanka, by Laurie L Charlés & Gameela Samarasinghe


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Psychosocial Innovation In Post-War Sri Lanka

by Laurie L Charlés and Gameela Samarasinghe

This book describes the project undertaken in post-war Sri Lanka. The objective of this project was to highlight and document how psychosocial project delivery in a post-conflict country incorporates relational understandings in its training of mental health workers. Technical assistance in humanitarian mental health contexts requires increased operational awareness to the political, social, and economic causes of suffering. It also demands sensitivity to the personal and cultural systems of meaning and structure that sustain those in distress during a humanitarian situation. Thus, this project focused on how psychosocial workers and staff at Family Rehabilitation Centre, an NGO (non-governmental organization) in Sri Lanka, utilize relational understandings of suffering in their psychosocial programming. This objective addresses peacebuilding efforts in transforming a country that had experienced 30 years of conflict, terminating in the end of the civil war in 2009.

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