Social Construction: Entering the Dialogue, (Farsi – Digital Download) by Ken and Mary Gergen


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Social Construction: Entering the Dialogue

The Taos Institute Publication
by Ken and Mary Gergen

Social Construction: Entering the Dialogue, has been translated into Farsi. Social constructionist ideas now sweep across many fields of scholarship and practice in the U.S. and around the world. While many people find these ideas profoundly liberating and a major stimulus to creative reconstruction, others find them highly threatening. The present work takes the reader quickly to the heart of the matter, providing a concise and easily readable introduction to the central ideas in social construction. Along with a discussion of important theoretical innovations and controversies, there are treatments of significant developments in organizational change, education, psychotherapy, social research and conflict resolution.

Ken and Mary Gergen present an account of social constructionist thought that will enable students, colleagues and practitioners – as well as those who are simply curious – to gain a basic understanding and appreciation of the drama and constructionist ideas in action – in organizations, psychotherapy, education, conflict resolution, social research, and everyday life. The work is especially relevant to anyone wishing a basic grounding in constructionist ideas and practices from university students to seasoned professionals. This book outlines in an easy to read format, the underlying theory for the Taos Institute’s work and mission in the world.

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August 21, 2019 5:18 am

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