Social Constructionist Perspectives on Group Work, by Emerson F. Rasera


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Social Constructionist Perspectives on Group Work

by Emerson F. Rasera
Taos Institute Publications, 2015

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The aim of this book is to present different forms of group work influenced by a social constructionist sensibility. The book shows how these two fields of knowledge can be connected and indicates the need for new theoretical developments. Despite offering theoretical contributions, the emphasis of the book is on the translation of some constructionist concepts to daily practice, featuring excerpts from group conversations, participants’ reports, and the description of ways of working that can inspire other professionals interested in using the constructionist vocabulary in their group work. We hope this book brings to those involved with social construction, conversations about the importance of group work connecting the voices present here with other voices, enabling a dialogue that transforms our practices and ourselves.


In this delightful and highly readable volume created by our Brazilian colleagues, we discover new and highly creative practices that emphasize the relational approach to group work, whether in the family, the school, the organization or the community. These gifts to the world allow practitioners in any context to maximize their transformative potentials working with groups. Its an exciting contribution to the literature in social construction!

— Mary Gergen
Professor Emerita, Penn State University, Brandywine
Co-Founder of the Taos Institute

A great book for everybody who is, has or will be working in a group setting. It invites us to reflect, share, and co-construct multiple visions for the different contexts in which we traverse on daily basis. The ‘dialogs’ at the end of each section speak, as Sheila McNamee states, “…to the centrality of reflexive inquiry for relational constructionist work.” Please read it, enjoy it and use it to inspire, guide, and open new possibilities in your work.

— M.T.F. Rocio Chaveste Gutiérrez, Ph.D.
María Luisa “Papusa” Molina, Ph.D.
Instituto Kanankil
Mérida, Yucatán, México

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