Strategising through Organising: Significance of Everyday Relational Sensemaking, by Mette Vinther Larsen


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Strategising through Organising: The Significance of Everyday Relational Sensemaking

by Mette Vinther Larsen

Copyright 2013, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-938552-19-9

This book sets out to study and understand how strategising and organising co-constitute each other through relational sensemaking. The object of the study is the relational interplay among eight managers in a medium-sized Danish cleaning company (the Company). The guiding assumption is that actors within an organisation construct meaning with each other on an everyday basis about the work situations they find themselves in and try to figure out how to act in sensible ways.

Using a social constructionist and relational perspective, the book is a case study in the Company on how eight actors at various management levels worked to operationalise the strategy, primarily through value-based management, for 1½ years. Based on this material as well as narrative and phenomenological research methods, the study contains eight work-based stories that illustrate how the actors in the Company, in different ways, worked to operationalise the strategy and attempted to make it part of their daily organising. The stories illustrate different understandings about what value-based management means and how it should be operationalised.

The book contributes to the very active discussion within different research communities about what strategy is about. It especially contributes to the relational interplay between strategists and their strategising, which is characterises by a more process-oriented approach to strategy like the Strategy-as Practice community advocates. By working with and combining concepts like: relations, sensemaking, action, ‘generalised other’, significant others, meaning construction, gestures, positioning and story line within an organising, becoming, wayfinding and strategising perspective, I present a dynamic method and theoretical framework for understanding the co-constituting interplay between strategising and organising.

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