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Rapid Strategy Development: Getting to Engagement & Results Quicker | May 30

Wed, May 30, 2012

Presenters: Tony Silbert and Roselyn Kay
Location: Arlington, VA

The success of your organization hinges on its strategy - not the published strategic plan tucked in a three-ring binder, but rather the capacity of your people to think and act strategically, to make strategic decisions every day.

A strategic plan is only as good as the people who implement and support it. This requires alignment of the strategy, structures and culture; engagement of leadership and staff; and an intentional, strength-based and positive focus (what you want more of), versus attention toward weaknesses and problems (what you want less of).

This workshop will introduce to you to Rapid Strategy Development, a participatory, strength-based, and possibility focused planning process that accelerates the time for both strategy development and implementation. Our collaborative approach to planning identifies and builds on organizational strengths, best practices, and opportunities for innovation and improvement. The result: widespread buy-in and commitment to implementation that delivers desired results quicker than traditional strategy processes, while also increasing workforce and board engagement to ensure success over time.

Workshop Goals
Participants of this one-day workshop will:

  • Explore key components of strength-based and high-engagement planning processes (like Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space).
  • Apply "SOAR" (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) analyses in place of more traditional "SWOT" analyses.
  • Explore case studies, experiential activities, leading practices, and dialogue methods that generate more enthusiasm, commitment, positive action and faster results.
  • Receive coaching for designing your own rapid strategy process for your organization or team.

For further information: https://innovationpartners.com/workshops-and-events/workshop-schedule/rapid-strategy-dev-getting-to-engagement-quicker.aspx

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