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Relational Constructionism, Inquiry, and the Arts of Transformative Change | March 5-7

Tue, March 5, 2019

through Thurs, March 7, 2019

Date: March 5-7th, 2019
Location: The Malvern Hills, Herefordshire, England
Presenters: Dian Marie Hosking and Sheila McNamee


Dian Marie Hosking and Sheila McNamee invite you to join them for an intimate workshop in Dian Marie’s house in the beautiful Malvern Hills.  Each day we shall meet to mix talks, exercises (in and outdoors, weather permitting), storytelling and dialogues to explore relational constructionist philosophy, theory and relational practices …working to develop and deepen participants’ own understandings and practical resources. We shall focus on the practical realisation of relational constructionism in the context of inquiry and transformative change work including, for example, in the delivery of health care, in therapeutic practices, in community organising, and in organisation development, training and coaching.

The workshop will begin at 16.00 on Tuesday March 5th (going on to supper together) and finish by 16.00 on Thursday 7th. It is non-residential, offering the opportunity to stay in one of the nearby hotels or a B&B or rent a cottage…information will be given on these possibilities when registering. The workshop is restricted to a maximum of 14 participants and early registration, together with booking accommodation, is strongly advised.

A core text for the workshop will be McNamee, S. and Hosking, D.M. “Research and Social Change” Routledge, NY & Oxford, 2012.

Dian Marie Hosking BA (Hons), MSc, PhD, DSc (hc) 
Emerita Professor in Relational Processes in the Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Dian Marie is one of the leading researcher-writers in the area of relational thinking and practice, in particular, with respect to leadership, organising, and change work.  In this context, she regularly runs workshops in many different countries. The Turku School of Economics awarded her an honorary Doctor of Science (DSc Econ) for her relational constructionist work on leadership and organisation theory.

Sheila McNamee, PhD is Professor of Communication at the University of New Hampshire and co-founder and Vice President of the Taos Institute (taosinstitute.net). Her work is focused on dialogic transformation within a variety of social and institutional contexts including psychotherapy, organizations, and communities. Among her most recent books are Research and Social Change: A Relational Constructionist Approach, with Dian Marie Hosking (Routledge, 2012) and Education as Social Construction: Contributions to Theory, Research, and Practice, co-edited with T. Dragonas, K. Gergen, E. Tseliou (Taos WorldShare, 2015).

Workshop costs:
Full-time student/unwaged: before January 31st - £325, after £395
Others: before January 31st- £425, after £495

To Register:
Please contact Dian Marie on [email protected]