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Relational Welfare: Organizational Capacity & Relational Leadership Practices | June 26-28

Wed, June 26, 2019

through Fri, June 28, 2019

Welcome to our 5th Nordic Conference on Relational Welfare

Dates: June 26 – 28 2019
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Website: http://relationelvelfaerd.dk/in-english/

Joint Action, The TAOS Institute and Aarhus municipality are excited to invite you, your colleagues and relationally sensitive practitioners and scholars, to our 5th Nordic Conference in Collaborate Practices and Human Centered Governance.

This year we further expand our focus from last year’s topic: practices of leadership. We are examining how leadership builds and develops organizational capacity and relational welfare practices.

Why do we study Leadership and Relational Welfare? 
Recent research among public sector leaders indicates agreement about what the most present challenges in our modern society are. Simultaneously, there is little coherence in how leaders try to engage with these challenges. For so many leaders and their employees, stress and frustration is a part of their work life. We believe that collaborative practices offer a comprehensive and promising alternative to the dominant practices of leadership and public welfare of the last century. At the center of the relational approach is a fundamental shift towards a view of leadership and welfare as something we do together in collaborative settings, instead of something we do to each other.

We have learned that relational welfare calls for a new orientation in leadership. The focus moves away from managing people into fostering productive relationships across silos and bureaucratic structures. It is a leadership that encourages innovation over stability, process over structures, participation over regimentation, and solutions over services. It is widely accepted that leadership and public welfare must be rooted in relational practices. Such practices unleash enormous potential and demonstrate great promise for the future of leadership and public welfare.

What to expect at the Conference? 

The program of 2019 invites you to a day of exploring new Nordic and international research findings. A day for the practitioners and leaders with workshops on how to build and develop organizational capacity. And lastly a day of learning from practical, real life cases. The keynote speakers and workshop practitioners will consist of international practitioners and scientists.

We are furthermore introducing two new segments: relational talks and poster sessions. With the relational talks we invite keynote speakers to give a short presentation on a specific subject. When each keynote has done their presentation, we ask the audience to participate in a discussion on the subject of the presentation.

The poster sessions are an opportunity for the workshop practitioners to present the essence of what will take place in their session, and why you should participate in them.