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Pathways to Publishing: Research, Writing and Publishing | Sept 25-26

Fri, September 25, 2009

Pathways to Publishing: Research, Writing and Publishing

Date: Sept  25-26, 2009
Target Audience: All
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Presenters:  Jane Seiling and Jackie Stavros

This workshop provides a framework and tools to put your words on paper in academic and/or practitioner language. Participants will be introduced to research and writing as a process. You will hear about competencies, principles and skills necessary to start or maintain your journey in writing, whether it is in writing your dissertation, writing for journals, or writing an innovative book. Graduate students will find this particularly helpful in working through writing for a dissertation.

Thursday evening, we may assemble a group for an impromptu get together in the lobby lounge. Lunch will be served each day. Participants are on their own for breakfast and dinner. Informational binders will be provided to the attendees. Participants should pre-purchase the book titled, The Craft of Research, 2nd edition, by Booth, Colomb and Williams, 2003.

To register: http://idgroup.us/pathways/

Contact Jackie Stavros for more information:  [email protected]