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The Potentials for Researching in Therapeutic Setting | April 5-6

Sat, April 5, 2014

through April 6, 2014

A Taos Institute Europe Workshop

Location: Madrid. Hub Madrid. C/ del Gobernador, 26. 28014 Madrid.

Celiane Camargo-Borges, Ph.D. & María Muñoz-Grandes



That Move Beyond:

  • Evidence based practices
  • The mechanical search for linear cause and effect
  • Distancing case analysis

And Which Are:

  • Relational based;
  • Experience based practices
  • Energizing, creative, and illuminating
  • Developmental for therapist and client alike

The present workshop brings a co-creative and participatory approach to therapeutic research, an approach that can be useful to the therapist´s particular practices, to their clients, and to their colleagues. The workshop represents an exciting paradigm shift taking place in the way of understanding scientific knowledge and research. From a traditional positivist standpoint, scientific research consists of studying a given reality so that we can “discover” its most authentic core. In recent decades, serious limitations in this perspective have been voiced. Emerging from wide-ranging dialogue is a socio-constructionist perspective, a fresh orientation from which we understand knowledge as co-created by the researcher and participants together.

A constructionist approach emphasizes our ability to create realities through language and coordinated actions, thus stimulating a process of continuous change and understanding. This perspective focuses on the meanings people hold about themselves and about the world, and how these are connected to the broader set of relations in which they are engaged. Conducting research within a constructionist perspective is a form of co-creative knowledge generation, inviting curiosity and meaning making. For the constructionist, research and intervention walk hand in hand and the invitation is to development of research in which one feels most engaged, committed and interested, and at the same time, in which one is willing to make a difference that will be meaningful for the lives of those involved in the research.

This workshop will provide participants a better understanding of this approach on research, offering innovative research tools for developing inquiry into preferred topics. Through illustration and group work, participants will be able to design their own research interest and get help from the facilitators as well as the group in order to work with this approach.

Workshop Presenters:
Celiane Camargo-Borges, Ph.D., Faculty Member at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Breda, The Netherlands. Research coordinator, lecturer and advisor at Imagineering Academy. Lecturer at the International Leisure Management (Psychology). Associate of TAOS institute and member of Taos Institute Europe Board.

María Muñoz-Grandes, Philosopher and Psychologist. MA. In Psychotherapy and MA in Education. Psychology Professor at IE University. Accredited Psychotherapist since 2000 and Counselor since 1994. Associate of Taos Institute. Founder and Director of UnoyMas, Desarrollo Personal, Profesional y Organizacional.

Time: Saturday 10.00-14.00 and 16.00-20.00; Sunday 10.00-14.00
Cost: 150 Euros (students 75)

For more information and registering contact:
María Muñoz-Grandes (Spain): [email protected] / +34 676 536 698
Celiane Camargo-Borges (Europe): [email protected] /

URL: http://www.taosinstitute.net/

Workshop in English and Spanish

Workshop Flyer in English: Click here

Workshop Flyer in Spanish: Click here