Positive Aging Newsletter

For sustaining life course enrichment

For 20 years (2001 to 2020), late Mary Gergen, Ph.D., has inspired and led the publication of the Taos Institute’s free electronic newsletter, Positive Aging. The newsletter brings to light resources—from scientific research on aging, gerontology practices, and daily life—that contribute to an appreciation of the aging process. Challenging the longstanding view of aging as decline, the newsletter provides resources for understanding aging as an unprecedented period of human development. By focusing on the positive aspects of aging, and the availability of resources, skills, and resiliencies, research not only brings useful insights into the realm of practice but creates hope and empowers action among older people. By moving beyond practices of repair and prevention, to emphasize growth-enhancing activities, practitioners also contribute more effectively to the societal reconstruction of aging.

The Newsletter was provided to readers free of charge. Since its inception in 2001, the readership has expanded at a rapid rate and translations became available in 9 languages — reaching thousands of people around the globe. The majority of readers are gerontologists, health related researchers, therapeutic practitioners, and service providers for the elderly. However, a substantial number of readers are simply laypersons who are interested, engaged and oriented toward continuing enrichment over the life course. We have been wonderfully pleased at the response to the newsletter.

With Mary Gergen’s passing in 2020, the regular publication of the Positive Aging newsletter came to an end. However we invite you to explore this rich content in the newsletter archives.

Translations of the Positive Aging Newsletter