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Taos Institute Publications offers contributions to cutting-edge theory and practice in social construction. Our books are designed for scholars, practitioners, students, and the openly curious public. The Focus Book Series provides brief introductions and overviews that illuminate theories, concepts, and useful practices. The Tempo Book Series is especially dedicated to contemporary practices over a wide range of fields that are of interest to the general public and to practitioners. The Books for Professionals Series provides in-depth and fully developed offerings that are devoted to both theoretical issues and relational practices. The WorldShare Book Series is our newest offering and includes full-length books available for free downloading from our website.

Our books are particularly relevant to social scientists and to practitioners concerned with individual, family, organizational, community, and societal change.

First Children’s Book on Appreciative Inquiry

Stan and The Four Fantastic Powers. The First Ever Appreciative Inquiry Book for Kids 

Authors: Shira Levy, Marge Schiller, Sarah Schiller, Max Schiller, Illustrator: Stefanie Rudolph