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Master’s Work Video Productions

Conversations in Social Construction: A Video Series

Thanks to Andrews and Clark Explorations, a significant body of constructionist thought is now captured on video. The growing series, “Conversations in Social Construction” now includes:

  •  Foundational Ideas in Social Construction with Ken Gergen
  • Appreciative Inquiry with David Cooperrider
  • Social Constructionist Ideas about Psychotherapy with Harlene Anderson
  • Generating Research with Mary Gergen
  • Relational Responsibility with Sheila McNamee
  • The Social Construction of Spirituality with Diana Whitney
  • Imagine Chicago with Bliss Browne
  • About Writing: Creating Multiple Voices with Peggy Penn
  • The Social Construction of Morality with James Day

For more information and to purchase videos in the series go to: www.masterswork.com
or email: jenandrews1234@gmail.com 
or call toll-free: 1-800-476-1619.

Story Telling and Community Driven Development

On January 25, 2004 Madelyn Blair, former World Bank division chief and current President of Pelerei, Inc., facilitated a workshop at World Bank headquarters in Washington on storytelling as a tool for planning and problem solving. The purpose of the workshop was to demonstrate how storytelling can be used to help a community develop by sharing knowledge and ideas within that community and by creating a forum for open exchanges across communities. Click here for further information on this video.