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Social Construction and Relational Practices Conference

Thu, September 16, 1999

September 16, 1999. The Taos Institute joined forces with colleagues at the University of New Hampshire to sponsor a second international, interdisciplinary conference on social constructionist practice, theory, and research. The forum explored current developments in social constructionist thought and practice. The conference theme placed emphasis on the relational practices that create and transform cultural life. Dynamic presentations by leading voices, symposia, roundtable discussions, social activities, and a casual setting created a venue for three days of engaging inquiry and exploration. Throughout the conference, emphasis was on bringing social constructionist theory and practice into mutually enriching dialogue.

A few comments following the conference:

"What an incredible and inspiring four days! The conference was wonderful. I felt truly and well fed, and can feel the opening effects of it as I go through my week. My clients and students are benefiting, as am I in my own attempts at writing."

"We want to thank the organizing committee for bringing together such a powerful community of learners. We noticed new thoughts being poetically shaped. We entered into a community of gentle conversation and generous listening. It has brought us deeper connections to our lives and the lives of others. With deep appreciation..."

"I just want to say thanks for a wonderful conference. It was all that I'd hoped for, and I learned much more than I expected. My own workshop (on alcoholism) was very helpful, and I couldn't get over that there is a "home" for those of us interested in social constructionism. How wonderful...I look forward to future Taos Institute and/or UNH meetings."

"The conference was the best one I've ever attended. There is no question. It wasn't so much the papers; it was more the random conversation with others 'with similar interests'."