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Social Construction and Research Practices | March 27-29

Fri, March 27, 2015

through Sun, March 29, 2015
Location: Duquesne University campus, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvia (specific location will be announced soon)
Time: The workshop will begin on Friday, March 27 at 4:00 pm, and end on Sunday, March 29 at noon.

Sheila McNamee,
Professor, University of New Hampshire and Vice President and Co-Founder, The Taos Institute


Marco Gemignani,
Associate Professor, Psychology Dept., Duquesne University and Taos Institute Associate

This workshop will focus on modes of inquiry that blur the traditional distinction between research and social change (e.g., consultation, program development, etc.). We will explore what research from a constructionist orientation looks like, how is it different and similar to traditional, empirical modes of inquiry, and how research informs the everyday practices of all participants. Emphasis will be given to the transformative potential of inquiry. In particular, participatory research, collaborative inquiry, critical discourse and narrative analysis, action research, performance research and auto-ethnography will be used to make the case for widening participation and involvement in research in order to maximize the relevance and accessibility of studies. This theme resonates with the constructionist call to recognize the ways in which all social action rests within a matrix of relationships with other actors and social discourses.

During this workshop, time will be spent exploring participants’ own contexts of inquiry and designing relational forms of practice that both serve the members of those contexts while contributing to our general understanding of a wide range of social practices. In other words, we will consider the research topics and design methods that workshop participants have adopted (or plan to adopt) for generating knowledge and “results” that will contribute to local change and development. To that end, this workshop will redefine research as an everyday practice with relevance beyond professional, scientific communities. This workshop is a valuable opportunity for students and practitioners to engage in conversations about alternative modes of inquiry and what the process of inquiry can contribute to our daily lives. Taos Institute Ph.D. students are encouraged to attend, as are other interested students and practitioners.

Registration deadline: February 25th.

Fees (student and general public):
- Student Rate = $450 US (Taos PhD students may have the workshop fee waived while in the program, so please check with Dawn Dole at [email protected] to be sure)
- General Rate = $620 US

How to Register:
Send an email to Dr. Gemignani at: [email protected] to register. Include your name, address, phone, email, and if you are a Taos PhD student let him know that you checked with Dawn already and let him know if your registration fee is waived or if you need to pay it. Registration deadline is Feb. 25th.

Hotel Information:
A block of rooms will be reserved at a nearby hotel at an affordable rate. Details forthcoming.

Travel Specifics:
Most participants will find it efficient to fly to Pittsburgh International Airport and take a taxi (approximately $45) or the Super Shuttle [http://www.supershuttle.com/Locations/PITAirportShuttlePittsburgh.aspx
or (412) 322-8507] to the hotel.