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Social Construction, Relational Theory, and Transformative Practices | March 24-26

Wed, March 24, 2010

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dian Marie Hosking and Sheila McNamee invite you to join them in beautiful Utrecht (The Netherlands) for an intimate workshop. Bringing their breadth of experiences together, the workshop will introduce social construction and relational practices for those new to it and will help those familiar with it to deepen their understandings and practices. Additionally, focus will be on the practical application of constructionist ideas in organizations, therapy, education, and community development. We will focus on relational constructionist understandings of language and meaning-making, poly-vocality, transformative dialogue, and appreciative and future oriented perspectives. Participants will learn how social reality is constructed in language and the implications of this for our understandings, knowledge, and everyday practice. Participants will have an opportunity to explore issues of special relevance to their projects and practices. All those interested in social construction and relational practice are invited to attend.  Taos/Tilburg Ph.D. students are particularly encouraged to register for this or other regional offerings of Taos workshops.

Workshop sessions will be discussion and activity oriented, complimented by informal gatherings and meals (lunch included in the cost of the workshop).  Our meeting venue is the Utrecht University, School of Governance, The Netherlands.  We will begin with lunch on Wednesday, March 24 and end at 5pm on Friday, March 26.

For further information and to register, contact Dian Marie Hosking: [email protected]