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Social Construction, Relational Theory and Change Practice

Sat, June 1, 2002

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June 2002 - present. Ken and Mary Gergen host students in their home as they explore and learn about the theory of social construction and how it applies to practice in many disciplines. Participants from afar -- China, Denmark, The Bahamas, Canada and The Netherlands -- gathered with those from the U. S.  to explore issues of constructionism and relational theory. The workshop included conversations at Pendle Hill, the nearby Quaker Retreat Center, a trip to Swarthmore College  for discussions and walks, and a gala dinner at Yang Ming, a favorite Chinese restaurant on Philadelphia's Main Line. The workshop combined theoretical issues with practical applications related primarily to therapy and organization behavior.  A highlight of the program was a duet performed by two violinists from the group, which encouraged a fascinating conversation on music and relational theory.