Social Constructionist Theory and Relational Practice with Ken and Mary

Dear Ken and Mary, I just wanted to touch base again to tell you how much I enjoyed our three days together. I felt so well-fed emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically, and I appreciated the great care with which you planned and then provided the whole experience. It was wonderful to be with you in person after years of being nurtured along by your books (Ken), and after long-distance conversations that rekindled and deepened my enthusiasm for this work (Mary). Ken, I wanted to clarify my comment to you about the genius of creating an interdisciplinary Ph.D.. I think education (at least, in this country) tends to foster illusions of greater separation between/ among various disciplines than is necessary or beneficial. The kinds of conversations that happen in Taos Institute workshops– across disciplines– seem to open wonderful possibilities for re-visioning both our particular fields and the global context. So, while I enjoy talking social construction with social workers, I love the access to other stories and metaphors that conversations with an architect or someone working for governmental change or an economist, for example, provide. A few of us were talking, at the end of the workshop, about what a remarkable team you are. You meet so many people, in the course of your work. You probably tell some of the same stories, again and again, and you certainly review the same ideas, as you teach social constructionism. Yet your presentation is fresh– the stories funny, the exchange of ideas rich, the respect you have for each others’ intellects– and those of your students–palpable. So, thank you– for your teaching, for your intellectual and emotional generosity, for your amazing hospitality. I look forward to all our connections with each will bring.

Mon, June 13, 2011 @ 5:55 PM

Dear Ken and Mary, I wanted to take a moment to thank your for an inspirational workshop.I certainly appreciated the opportunity to learn more about relational construction and the chance to hear your views and meet the other participants. I would especially like to thank you for the gift of your unbounded self in reaching out in a most personal way. You made the workshop a “thou” experience that I shall remember and cherish. In terms of my dissertation I now have a much stronger grasp of how relational construction grounds leadership, culture and innovation. I strongly believe it provides the foundation for a mixed methods or pluralistic approach to innovation in higher education. I hope to get a few chapters completed this summer and look forward to collaborating with you soon.

Mon, June 13, 2011 @ 5:55 PM

The workshop with the Gergen’s was my early point-of-entry into the Taos Program. I so deeply appreciate the time that I had with the Gergens as well as the other workshop participants. I found the Gergens to be incredibly gracious, and their approach to the subject matter to be life-giving. I treasure having had this first interactive experience in going deeply into this stream to understand it not so much as an academic discipline, but as a rich paradigm and perspective that can infuse and enrich so many areas of life. I would highly recommend the time with Ken and Mary as an important entree into this stream. Samuel Mahaffy

Samuel Mahaffy. Sat, January 21, 2012 @ 3:29 PM.

Dear Ken and Mary, I just wanted to thank you for making this dream possible and thank the other participants for the great time, conversations and co-construction of new possibilities and relationships. The workshop was one of the best academic/human/relational experiences I have ever had, it just seem to me that the time was not enough, for such a great experience. Ken and Mary hospitality and openness showed me how collaborative practices take life in everyday interactions. I describe the workshop as inspiring for new possibilities in Latin American and Colombian contexts, where I come from. Thanks again, Maria Camila Ospina

Maria Camila Ospina. Mon, June 25, 2012 @ 2:25 PM.

June 5, 2011 7:58 am