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Social Therapeutics & The Practice Of Method | Feb. 5 - May 26

Fri, February 5, 2016

through Thurs, May 26, 2016

A certificate program with Lois Holzman & Faculty

Dates: February 5 thru May 26, 2016
Application deadline: December 30

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This 14-week advanced certificate program offers an in-depth study of the foundations of social therapeutics led by Institute director Lois Holzman. Explore the origins, influencers, characteristics and current look of the non-epistemic, activity theoretic, group performatory approach to human development and learning. Study the writings of Institute co-founders Fred Newman and Lois Holzman over their 35-year collaboration. Learn of the contributions cultural-historical activity theory, social constructionism, performance studies and philosophy of language have made to social therapeutics. With Holzman and her faculty as your guide, delve into an intensive inquiry into the foundations, politics, philosophy and community-based applications of the social therapeutic approach. Dynamic, collaborative and intellectually rigorous, this interdisciplinary program offers a far-ranging investigation of social therapeutics’ psychology of becoming, a methodology in which human development and community development are inseparable. It’s an opportunity to deepen and develop your work as researcher, scholar and practitioner in a creative and supportive learning environment. We welcome applicants from a range of disciplines.

Social Therapeutics at a Glance:

  • Originally developed by Fred Newman as a radical psychotherapy in the 1970s, now a practical human-community development methodology with broad application in diverse settings effectively implemented in therapy offices, clinics, hospitals, classrooms, after-school programs, workplaces, and communities worldwide.
  • A philosophically informed, practically oriented method in which human beings are related to as creators of their culture and ensemble performers of their lives. Its sustained effectiveness in supporting the social-emotional growth of people of all ages and backgrounds is a much-needed challenge to mainstream psychological thought and the practices based on it.
  • A recognized approach within the postmodern, cultural-historical activity theory and critical movements in psychology, psychotherapy, education and organizational development-contributing to the theoretical work of scholars and researchers working to create new more humane and transformative psychological practice and method.
  • A major player in organizing the new global social change effort known as performance activism.

Conversational Topics:

  • postmodernization of Vygotsky, Marx and Wittgenstein
  • human development, community building and group creativity
  • enhancing sociality and engaging alienation
  • practice of method and revolutionary activity
  • the social-cultural power of performance and play
  • the dialectics of being and becoming
  • thinking, speaking and creating conversation

Program Structure:

  • Online Seminars. Course material is divided into four seminars (with short breaks in between). Students develop short projects for each seminar.
  • Conferencing and Live Chats. The course includes monthly Skype conference calls and online chat sessions with faculty.Online discussions are asynchronous. It doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in. Participants can read, complete assignments, comment and add to the discussion at any time.

Applications for 2016 are due December 30, 2015.

Tuition $850. (Students are responsible for purchasing required texts.)

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