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Supervision as a Reflective and Community Process | August 24-25

Mon, August 24, 2009

Target Audience: All
Location: Magleås Kursuscenter, Høsterkøbvej 6, 3460 Birkerød,
Presented by: Sylvia London, M.A.,LMFT

Reflecting teams and reflective processes as introduced by Tom Andersen and the Tromso Group have been an interesting and effective way to help therapist develop their skills and creativity during their training process. Once a therapist is out of school and practicing on their own, either in private practice, community or institutional settings, supervision becomes the most important avenue to ensure the quality of therapeutic care. In addition to patient care, supervision becomes the main vehicle to help clinicians keep on developing therapeutic skills as well as maintain a sense  of well being and belonging, in an isolating and demanding profession. Drawing from Collaborative (Anderson and Goolishian), Reflective  (Andersen et al) and Narrative (White and Epston) traditions, this experiential workshop will invite participants to take an active role in experimenting and exploring the freedom and the sense of community and connectedness the “reflective talk” brings to the supervision experience..

Sylvia London, M.A., LMFT
Sylvia is co-founder and faculty at Grupo Campos Eliseos (GCE), a private institute in Mexico City. She is interested in the application of postmodern and social-constructionist ideas in a variety of settings. With 25 years of experience in the field, Sylvia provides   training,supervision,coaching and consultation for mental health professionals, schools and organizations. Sylvia is also on the faculty at the Houston Galveston Institute, the Taos Institute and Universidad de las Americas in Mexico City. She has been a guest lecturer and workshop presenter around the world.

Dates:  August 24th + 25th.  9 am to 4 pm
Price:  3.800kr  (includes coffee and lunch)
Contact: Jytte Glandose  [email protected]
or Sylvia London  [email protected]

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