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The Art of the Question | March 16

Mon, March 16, 2009

Target Audience: All
Location: Chicago, IL
Presented by: Bliss Browne, President of Imagine Chicago
Sponsored by: Imagine Chicago

What question would you most appreciate being asked and by whom? Questions shape us long before we find any answers. They are windows into how we see, what we want, and our learning edges. The questions we ask or avoid come in all sizes and open or limit the worlds within which we and others live. How can we ask questions that offer a path into life’s mystery and wonder? How can our questions inspire engagement, deepen courage and help regenerate public life?

This hands-on skill building workshop will train participants in designing powerful and constructive questions, using
Imagine Chicago’s curriculum frameworks and tools as illustrations. How do you learn to reframe conversation
in the moment with questions that build trust, magnify strengths, and focus constructive intention? How do you
craft powerful and focused interview protocols?

Participants will receive electronic versions of relevant curriculum materials, case studies and protocols with
permission to adapt them for use in their own settings.

Cost per session: $350 Limited to 15 participants
($50 early bird discount before February 28.)

Registration online:
Space limited to 15 participants. Register early!

For further information please contact: Bliss Browne
Ph: 773-275-2520
Email: [email protected]