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The Second International Relational Research Symposium

Mon, March 14, 2016

Conversations About Relational Research for Social Transformation

Dates: March 14-17, 2016
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Please join in this conversation about relational research and explore research’s potential in transforming individual lives, families, organizations, communities, and the world. We’ll enter dialogues about ways in which research can be used as a resource to produce social and personal changes that expand spaces for dialogue and participation to improve human beings’ quality of life.

Thinking of research from a relational perspective invites us to consider the importance of collaboration and joint inquiry as core concepts to constructing knowledge and new possibilities. It also emphasizes the way in which its practice transforms all those who participate in it. This perspective proposes an innovative outlook on research; an outlook highlighted by its generative capacities, it’s commitment to precipitating different futures, and how it maximizes collective innovation. Thus, these conversations will enable a space for us to share ideas, experiences, and transformational possibilities in research.

It will be a collaborative gathering to 'explore research' together. Not a planned program per se, but a small, dialogic, generative, collaborative, sharing working sessions to support each other's research projects and explore collaborative possibilities.

Who should attend? If you are interested in or engaged in research from a relational and social constructionist perspective, this is for you! :-)

Registration fee: $100 due by Feb. 19th ($75 late fee after Feb. 19th)

Accommodations Sheraton Old San Juan $130/day (w/ continental breakfast)
 Airbnb and hostels (to be announced)

Meeting Space Museo de las Américas (http://www.museolasamericas.org)
 Program Details to Come!

For more information, email: 
 Kristin Bodiford ([email protected]) or
 Paloma Torres-Davila ([email protected])