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  • Thriving Women, Thriving World: An Invitation to Dialogue, Healing and Inspired Actions

Thriving Women, Thriving World: An Invitation to Dialogue, Healing and Inspired Actions



Thriving Women, Thriving World: 
An Invitation to Dialogue, Healing and Inspired Actions

This book is a celebration of women. It is an invitation to journey from #MeToo to thriving women via appreciative inquiry, dialogue, and story telling. It addresses topics, through an appreciative lens, that may be difficult to talk about, yet must be talked about to heal social wounds and create conditions for women to thrive worldwide. If you are wondering what to do in response to the global cry of #MeToo, this book is for you.

Authors:  Diana Whitney, Caroline Adams Miller, Tanya Cruz Teller, Marlene Ogawa, Jessica Cocciolone, Haesun Moon, Kathryn Britton, Angela Koh & Alejandra Leon de la Barra

Taos Institute Publications, 2019

Price: $22.00
Paperback, 200 pages


Pre-Orders being taken now! The book will be available to ship by late spring 2019.

More about the Book:

The book includes a foreword by Taos Institute, co-founder, Mary Gergen, PhD, a chapter describing ways to use the question in the book, and nine chapters containing 94 Appreciative Inquiry questions, poems, stories and specific practices to make a positive difference in the lives of women and girls at home, at school and at work. The chapters are:

  • From #MeToo to Thriving Women
  • Ways to Use Questions in the Book
  • Claiming Ownership of Our Bodies
  • Healing from Relational Abuse
  • Educating for Social Change
  • Leveraging Financial Savvy
  • Working for the Greater Good
  • Women Supporting Women
  • Men Supporting Women
  • Creating Thriving Relationships
  • Living Life as a Work of Art
  • The Arts of Thriving

The final chapter puts forth five Arts of Thriving that emerged in the writing of the book: Curating Life-Affirming Stories, Creating Meaningful Disruptions, Caretaking Generative Relationships, Celebrating Strengths and Successes, and Cultivating Conditions for Thriving.

Thriving Women, Thriving World is written to be user friendly for women and men, in separate conversations and together. It is intended to foster relationship enhancing conversations and collaborative actions among people in a wide range of settings around the world. It is a valuable resource for coaches, consultants, facilitators, educators, leaders, and parents - for anyone seeking resources for compassionate conversations about gender issues.

Wisdom from the book includes the following chapter opening quotes: 

  • Women are the owners of their bodies and the authors of their lives.
  • Women and girls fleeing violence and sexual abuse need safe haven and companionship for healing.
  • The education of girls and women pays it forward forever.
  • Financial savvy empowers women to lead the economies of their lives, their communities, and the world.
  • Thriving women are a powerful, unstoppable force of social transformation creating a world that works for all.
  • Women who support each other to achieve personal hopes, dreams, and goals are the change.
  • The journey to freedom and social justice is not a solo journey. Women need male allies to transform patterns of male privilege.
  • Thriving relationships are the social milieu needed to empower women and foster a thriving world.
  • A life well lived is a work of art leaving the world a better place.

From our readers: 

This book provides a roadmap for social transformation. Its adept appreciative inquiry questions invite learning, compassion and world changing actions. The world needs this book.   - Amanda Trosten-Bloom