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Transformational Leadership | July 19-23

Tue, July 19, 2011

Location: New Delhi, India
Workshop Leader: Dan Saint & Sunil Maheshwari
Cost: The fee of this program is US$ 1,200 (Rs. 48,000) per person, plus service tax.
For more details please visit the following link on the Samatvam website click here

The quest for leadership is an inner journey to first discover the depths of one's own identity. Upon this secure foundation, authentic and credible relationships are established. The resulting mutuality of trust and confidence helps accomplish qualitative change that is the hallmark of transformation.

Transformational change combines inner shifts in people's motives, values, and attitudes with outer change in behaviour, processes, and practices. It is yielded through a spiral of three processes, or a play with three acts, being performed concurrently:

a) Appreciation – Locating the strengths, values, or life-enhancing forces in a human system

b) Visualization – Developing a common understanding of what people want to collectively become

c) Actualization – Deploying strategies and tactics to convert the vision into ground reality that is satisfying for all stakeholders