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Transforming Dialogues: Changing Practice

Thu, April 10, 2003

April 10, 2003. A special conference, co-sponsored by the Houston Galveston Institute and the Taos Institute was held in League City, Texas.

Over 100 participants engaged in transformative experiences that informed their practices. It was truly a collaborative learning conference that challenged and extended our current practice through exploring social constructionism and dialogical experience.

There were plenaries by: Harlene Anderson, Ken Gergen, David Pare and Stan Witkin; and theme sessions run by: Harlene Anderson, Saliha Bava, Adrienne Chambon, Robert Cotter, Sharon Cotter, Jose Bayona, Ken Gergen, Mary Gergen, Thelma Jean Goodrich, Sue Levin, Sheila McNamee, David Paré, Sally St. George, Stan Witkin and Dan Wulff.

Not only did this conference bring together social constructionist theory and practice, it also was a special celebration of the 25th anniversary of HGI and the 10th anniversary of TI.

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