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Creating the Strength-Based Organization: Using Appreciative Socio-Technical System Design | Feb. 9

Tue, February 9, 2010

Target Audience: Leaders, designers and others who have responsibility for creating organizational processes, practices and structures that support high performance by enabling people to play to and align their strengths in ways that make their weaknesses irrelevant.
Boston, Massachusetts
Duration: 1 day, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Prerequisites: None
Presented by: Bernard Mohr and Bob Laliberte

Learn to lead change and build a strength based organization.  IPI’s thought leaders can equip you to take on this challenge – and succeed!

This highly experiential and interactive one-day session will provide participants with an overview understanding of the steps, methods and conditions for success in the highly participative Strength-Based Organization Design (SBOD™) process - a highly inclusive process of conceiving and implementing the socio-technical architecture and culture necessary to support and sustain a Strength-Based Organization. Participants will actually apply the SBOD™ process to a simulated organization. You will also learn about Strength Based Organizations; what characterizes them, how they perform, results they can achieve and challenges in their day-to-day management.

Workshop Goals:

  • Practice using a participative Strength-Based Organization Design (SBOD™) process to transform a traditionally designed (ie deficit based) multi-departmental organization into one which leverages the assets, capabilities and aspirations of your people.
  • Experience how shifts from deficit-based to strength-based organizing (ie choices in structure, systems, policies and practices) profoundly influence culture, behavior, organizational quality, productivity and agility as well as individual quality of working life.
  • Explore existing and emerging ideas, frameworks and models that influence how we think about the work of appreciative designing – including a four-phase process for participative Strength-Based Organization Design (SBOD™). Translate the ideas and methods of this workshop into back home applications.

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