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Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy - Advanced Supervision Certificate Training | Oct. 20-23

Thu, October 20, 2011

Location: Vancouver, BC
Advanced Supervision Faculty: David Epston MA and Stephen Madigan PhD

Advanced Narrative Practice
David Epston and Stephen Madigan come together for the first time to richly explore the heart, craft and skills of advanced narrative therapy interviewing through a new method they call ‘developing inquiry’.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants learn to focus narrative therapy inquiry first into a craft and - then find a means to move it towards art.
  2. Participants learn a newly formed method of 'developing inquiry' by scrutinizing a set of two questions..eg. Stephen's questions taken from his transcribed therapy session/ David's alternative questions that he might use in the same session.
  3. Therapeutic questions are analyzed, deconstructed and connected to narrative therapy theory.

For information on faculty, schedule and to register online:
Questions about training: [email protected]

Location: Empire Landmark Hotel, Vancouver $89.00 per night !!
1400 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C V6G 1B9
Website: www.empirelandmarkhotel.com
Toll Free 1-800-830-6144
Email: [email protected]

Click here to view a PDF of the course flier