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"Voices of Learners" - Show, Know, and Grow the GOOD! | October 12-16

Mon, October 12, 2009

Date: October 12-16  9:00am-3:00pm

This is An Invitation to Join Us in Canton, Ohio, for...

Voices of Learners

Do you wonder what makes extraordinary schools possible?  Do you have a story about an extraordinary school, program, student or teacher that you would like to share?

VOICES OF LEARNERS is a multi generational three day gathering of students, parents, educators, administrators and community members. The purpose of this gathering is to appreciate, collectively take in, and collaboratively build on peak   learning experiences.  It is a chance to Show, Know, and Grow the best in learning and development.

VOICES OF LEARNERS is at three different schools in Stark County Ohio.  Come join us on October 13, 14, and 15, 2009 at GlenOak High School, Timken High School Commons and Stark State College as we explore outstanding examples of strength focused learning. What are the multiple ways of Showing, Knowing, and Growing the best in learning, teaching and developing?

Each of the three days is sited at a different school and will have about 100 people.  About half of those in attendance will be young people. The rest of us are educators (or teachers), parents, administrators, community members and others who are excited about strength focused approaches and schools.  Each day's planning is being lead by the three schools' staff.

Each day will begin with an Appreciative Inquiry.

There will be special tours and learning opportunities on October 12 and 16.

You can visit Canton's award winning Early College, Project Rebuild, Choices, Pegasus Farm, Cleveland's The Intergenerational School or several other special places for learning.

Additionally, Positive Change Core will be hosting an evening "Community of Scholars." A group of thought leaders will discuss innovations and emergent theory in Strength Focused Learning. Space for this event will be limited.

Peter J. Whitehouse M.D. Ph.D. Peter is the  co-founder of the Intergenerational School, Cleveland and Director Integrative Studies, Department of Neurology; Case Western Reserve University Professor of Neurology, Cognitive Science, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Psychology, Nursing, Organizational Behavior and History University Memory and Aging Center University Hospitals of Cleveland. He will be leading the conversation.

You are invited to participate in the full week program or any portion of it. Come and learn. come and share your own successes!

To find out more and to talk about how you might become a part of this gathering please call or write one of us:

Marge Schiller 781-749-4383 ([email protected]) )Chester Bowling 614 294 1174 ( [email protected]) Joyce Lemke 330-455-2153 ([email protected])

For the Voices of Learners Planning Committee