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New Book

Kenneth J. Gergen, Ph.D. and
Scherto R. Gill, Ph.D challenge assessment practices in education and propose an alternative of schools as collective meaning making sites.

New Book

The Sage Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice showcases the latest theory and application of social construction across a range of disciplines, with most contributions from Taos Associates.

Online Workshop

Taos Institute board members Harlene Anderson Ph.D. & Sheila McNamee Ph.D. invite you to an online seminar to explore Dialogic and Collaborative Practices in Challenging Times. Participants meet online over three days for 3-hour gatherings, January 28-30, 2021.

Online Workshop

In Praise of Troubling What We Think We Know is a workshop led by Taos board members Dan Wulff Ph.D. and Sally St. George Ph.D. Participants meet online for four consecutive Fridays, February 5-26, 2021.


The Taos Institute and Positivity Strategist Podcast joined in a beautiful collaboration to offer Season 5: Social Constructionist Practices as Social Innovation, featuring authors of The Sage Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice.


The November 2020 newsletter is now available, featuring a Brief Encounter with Board Members Dan Wulff, Ph.D. and Sally St. George, Ph.D.. Also check out our Positive Aging newsletter.


Mark your calendar for the next Taos Conference scheduled for November 11-13, 2021 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our theme: Co-Constructing the Future – Relational Resources for a Flourishing World.

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