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Honorary Associates of the Taos Institute

The Taos Institute is pleased to present the following colleagues as Honorary Associates. The position of Honorary Associate is awarded to those persons whose contributions have been unusually stimulating and inspiring. Theses individuals have been of exceptional importance in their contribution to the dialogues, practices and ideals of the Taos Institute. To these awardees we extend our deepest gratitude and esteem.

Ellen Barry

Michael Billig    
Juanita Brown, Ph.D.
Jerome Bruner
Gene Combs, MD
Vernon E. Cronen, Ph.D.
Norman K. Denzin Bill Drath
David Epston
Jill Freedman, MSW 
Mark P. Freeman, Ph.D.
  Jaber F. Gubrium, Ph.D.
Rom Harré
Hubert J.M. Hermans, Ph.D.

Lynn Hoffman, ACSW
James A. Holstein, Ph.D.
David M. Isaacs
Charis Katakis, Ph.D.

Girishwar Misra, Ph.D.

Jonathan Potter, Ph.D.

Joseph A. Raelin

Karl Edward Scheibe, Ph.D.

John Shotter, Ph.D.

Jan Smedslund, Ph.D.

Toshio Sugiman

Karl Tomm, MD, FRCP (C) LMCC