Vhonani Olive Netshandama

Professor of Nursing and Director, Community Engagement 
University of Venda, South Africa 
Thohoyandou, 0950 

Web: www.univen.ac.za 
Email: Vhonani.netshandama@univen.ac.za 
Phone: +27 159628802 

Currently a director of Community Engagement programmes at the University of Venda, Dr Netshandama works at the interface between the community and a university. She focuses on facilitating through engagement, knowledge transaction spaces amongst communities and the university. Her current interdisciplinary research focus is exploring effective relational practices and learning modalities at an interface between the university and the community. She has notable experience in working with Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS), in a cross-cultural, multi-stakeholder engagement spaces. Prof. Dr. Netshandama is a Principal Investigator on the IKS Project, learning from each other, an inclusive multi-stakeholder project about learning how to apply Appreciative Inquiry approach to learn and minimize adversarial interventions in community violence, tensions, ritual murders, and other difficult circumstances. She has authored several articles in peer review journals, most of which are co-authored with students. 
E- Book chapters co-published: 

  1. Middlewood, D., Abbott, I., Netshandama, VO & Whitehead, P (2016). Policy Leadership, School Improvement and Staff Development in England, Tanzania and South Africa: Schools Working Together.  ED. Miller, P. (2016), [Ed] Cultures of Educational Leadership: Global & Intercultural Perspectives. Palgrave Mcmillan.  http://www.palgrave.com/us/book/9781137585660
  2. Jonas, S.M., Netshandama, V.O & Mudau, J. (2013). Sustainability of women-owned construction enterprises in South Africa: ‘A burning issue’ in “Women in Science” published in print and online with Springer VS in Germany. Editors:  Britta Thege, Silvester Popescu-Willigmann, Roswitha Pioch, Sabah Badri-Höher. 
  3. Sechaba Mahlomaholo and Vhonani Netshandama (2011). Post-Apartheid Organic Intellectual and Knowledge Creation.Understanding Knowledge Creation Intellectuals in Academia, the Public Sphere and the Arts. Series (78): At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries. Edited by Nikita Basov and Oleksandra Nenko. Armstedam: Rodopi. 
  4. Sechaba Mahlomaholo & Vhonani Netshandama (2010). Sustainable Empowering Learning Environments: Conversations with Gramsci’s Organic Intellectual.  The intellectual: A phenomenon in multidimensional perspective. A Critical Issues research and publications project. Edited by N Basov, GF. Simet, J van Andel, S Mahlomaholo, & VO Netshandama, available on http://www.inter-disciplinary.net/critical-issues/
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