Aileen Tierney Ph.D.

Clanwiliam Institute,
18 Clanwilliam Terrace
Dublin 2

Phone: 00-353-868225688

Aileen is CEO of Clanwilliam Institute and Course Director of M.Sc Systemic Psychotherapy in Clanwilliam Institute , Dublin, Ireland . Aileen is also joint co- ordinator of the Supervisor in Family therapy training Course and provides supervision to social workers and therapists. Aileen has worked in the area of systemic family therapy for the last 20 years both as therapist , teacher and supervisor and brings social constructionist ideas to her work both as teacher and therapist . She also teaches social work counseling skills at postgraduate level in University College Dublin and is External examiner in the University of Glamorgen .

Aileen’s particular areas of interests relate to working with marginalized groups and providing challenges to disabling and marginalizing discourses . She has worked extensively with children in therapy , with people who live with dis-ability labels, with couples, families and complex systems and more recently with members of the Irish Traveling community .

Aileen has also offered consultancy to dis-ability organizations for the past 10 years and has advocated for cross sectional stakeholder dialogue in the delivery and review of services. Aileen’s Ph.D. inquiry utilized cross sectional stakeholder conversations to explore major questions arising in relation to dis-ability services and particularly those concerned with ‘labeling practices’. This study was an engagement with multiple diverse dialogue partners. The dialogue participants came from all areas of the field including, parents, service users i.e. people who live with dis-ability labels, educationalists, therapists, managers and voluntary organizations. Aileen is currently writing in the area of constructs of dis-ability and emancipatory research methodologies drawing from ideas which emerged in the context of her PhD inquiry .

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