Lisa K Sydow, Ph.D., LPC

Private Practice in Boulder, CO


Lisa K Sydow, Ph.D., LPC is a licensed psychotherapist in Boulder, Colorado USA where she has been in private practice for over 25 years working with families, couples and individuals and providing supervision to other clinicians. Lisa incorporates diverse methods into her work and has maintained an affinity to all forms of postmodern therapy including Narrative, Solution Oriented, Performative and Collaborative Language therapies. Lisa considers effective psychotherapy to occur at the intersection of art and science. At the center of this intersection is a solid therapeutic relationship. 

Lisa holds a BA in Biology from The University of Northern Colorado (1980), a master’s degree from Naropa University (1987) in Counseling Psychology, and a doctoral degree from the Taos Institute Ph.D. program in Social and Behavioral Science. Lisa’s dissertation, titled Careering: Generating a Path From Uncertainty to Discovery, is based on research she conducted by first challenging traditional notions of career then utilizing cross-generational storytelling between women and girls to shed light on her concept of careering which emphasizes a dynamic and social approach to career. In addition to seeing clients in her private practice Lisa also offers careering groups providing a relational foundation for individuals to craft meaningful and dynamic work lives.

Lisa K. Sydow Dissertation