Madelyn Blair, Ph.D.

Pelerei, Inc.
2379 Broad Run Ct.
Jefferson, MD 21755 USA

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Madelyn Blair is the president of Pelerei, Inc., a firm dedicated to helping clients turn vision into reality. She is also a facilitator, designer of learning experiences, and expert researcher. But her joy is in working with individuals and groups to bring them to another level of accomplishment. From individual advice to building knowledge sharing groups to corporate strategic planning, she brings out the best in her audience. She is one of the founding members of Goldenfleece, the storytelling-in-business group in DC. Her clients include Bank of Canada, The World Bank, Transamerica Reinsurance, American University, and the International Monetary Fund.

Dr. Blair has extensive line management experience. Prior to her work with Pelerei, she was a division chief in the World Bank. Dr. Blair also spent five years as Director of Institutional Research at the Universities of Colorado and Maine. Her most recent work has been in applying appreciative inquiry and helping clients create strong knowledge management strategies through the effective use of communities of practice. In her spare time, she is currently leading an international project to reinvigorate the UN through the use of story.

Dr. Blair received her doctorate in organizational psychology from the University of Tilburg, The Netherlands. She has written extensively and is a regular conference speaker. She is a wife and a mother and enjoys mountain climbing.

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