Madelyn Blair, Ph.D.

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Madelyn Blair is a speaker, author, TV host and resilience mentor. She specializes in unlocking resilience for individuals, work teams and leaders needing to meet today’s complex challenges with greater ease. Author of five books, her most recent book, Unlocked: Discover how to embrace the unexpected became #1 bestseller international. Her TV show, Unlocked, is shown weekly on e360tv and live streamed to her YouTube channel, Madelyn Blair. She blogs on Psychology Today. She was recently awarded Renaissance Leader of 2021 by The Stone Register of New York. She has global clients including Regional Chamber of Cincinnati, PwC, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Huawei Technologies and more. She is a former Division Chief at the World Bank and has run her own company for 35 years. She is the author of five books and has contributed to seven, including Lessons from the Field, Smarter Innovation, and Tell Me When the Data is Over.

Dr. Blair holds a PhD in organizational psychology from the University of Tilburg, The
Netherlands. She is known for being a leader who has brings her staff, students, and
teams to the next level.

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