Relational Research as Intentional Presence

In a world where habits and distractions keep us from individually and collectively creating ways to nurture the social good, being an intentional presence is a practice that helps us in the places in which we are called to leadership. This presence, grounded in relationship, is a significant way for communities and individuals to claim their agency to ensure that all people are invited to the table. By committing to being keenly aware of the difference between leadership that is ego or confidence driven, bringing an intentional presence enables leaders to hear what the Other has to share. In such opportunities to listen and witness, intentionality allows us to recognize when we have faltered, even caused harm, in order to learn from those experiences. This openness to learning ensures we continue to broaden our leadership to be both resilient and nimble in the constant change that continues to accelerate.

Richard Manley-Tannis, Ph.D.

Richard is Principal at St. Andrew’s College at the University of Saskatchewan. He is a Diaconal Minister & Conflict Resolution Facilitator with The United Church of Canada and also the owner of Maya Consulting in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. For more information, visit Richard’s Associate page.

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