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Editors: Anthony L. Suchman, MD MA, David J. Sluyter, EdD, and Penelope R. Williamson, ScD
Radcliffe Publishing
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by R. Vance Peavy (Author)

(Advanced Series in Management)
by Chris Steyaert (Author, Editor) and Bart Van Looy (Editor)

by Charles Gibbs and Sally Mahe
ISBN: 1893435423
Paperback: $24.95

by P. Andrew Costello

 Founding Director of the Center for Narrative Studies,(www.storywise.com) P. Andrew Costello unpacks the idea of Narrative by taking us inside how stories work, and how they are used to elect an American President.

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Soon to be available on Amazon, the book can be found now at the publisher’s site (Kingsham Press

 The book details the process used at Heathside to engage nearly the entire student body in creating a different future for their school. For more information email: neil@profound

by Peggy Holman 
 Publish Date: September 13, 2010 
 For more about the contents, visit http://www.engaginge

 You can even check out the text here. For one of the Appreciative Inquiry stories, see chapter 8, Welcome Disturbance.

by Paul Lawrence