Rob Anderson

Boston, MA, US 
Bergen, Norway 


Rob Anderson completed his Master of Arts in History and Theory from the Architectural Association (AA), in London, received a Bachelor of Architecture from the Boston Architectural Center, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art. From 2008 to 2010, Rob worked on his PhD course work with the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (a short term residency program in Italy, France, and the US), researching issues related to reinvention, originality, plagiarism, and appropriation in art and architecture. In 2014, however, he completed his final dissertation work with Tilburg University, in the Netherlands, examining many of his earlier coursework and research issues in the context of culture and the social construction of space. His dissertation is titled: “Authenticity and Architecture: Representation and Reconstruction in Context”. Rob is also a trained artist and architectural designer, an historian of architecture and art, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Japan. In 2007, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to travel to Poland and Russia, researching art and architectural education. Rob continually volunteers as a docent for Boston By Foot, has led guided tours through the Walter Gropius House, has taught at Endicott College, the Boston Architectural College, and Salem State University, and has also taught art and woodworking at the Greater Boston Aid to the Blind. Lastly, in 2009, he successfully launched PTown Tours, an art and architecture walking-tour company, based in Provincetown, MA (

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