Seth Kahan

Performance Development Group, Inc.
Box 380
Glen Echo, MD 20816

V: 301/229-2221
Phone: 301/229-6661

Seth Kahan is a specialist in face-to-face engagements that bring people together to generate innovation, drive business acceleration, and achieve extraordinary results.  He was named “Visionary” by the Center for
Association Leadership for his work.

In the business world Seth is an expert in Change Leadership. His clients include CEOs of internationally recognized organizations: World Bank, the Peace Corps, American Society of Association Executives and Center for Association Leadership, Project Management Institute, Fulbright Association,
Institute of Management Accountants, and senior project managers at Royal Dutch Shell.

Kahan draws on his background in mathematics, street theater and ritual performance art, as well as his 18 years experience in multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and geographically distributed organizations. He helps complex systems forward, accelerating positive change. He is in constant pursuit of mastering the most effective ways to engage people in positive transformation. His specialty is finding the sweet spot for engaged professionals.

He speaks to over 15,000 people per year in conferences, meetings and executive retreats.  He entertains using stories from around the world to illustrate his topics and optimize audience engagement.  His ability to teach techniques that improve professional collaboration has won him high regard.