Heidi Graff

Interplay Consultancy

Email: heidi.graff@interplay.dk
Phone: +45 23310512
Web: www.interplay.dk

LinkedIn: https://dk.linkedin.com/in/heidi-graff-3b62b82tp://www.forlagetmindspace.dk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Relationel_praksis_vol5_nr_1_sats_FI

 Heidi has been engaged in dialogue, communication, transformation and stories, through the years in university where she studied Literature and in her working life. In the nineties she met social constructionist and systemic theory and practice and this influenced her life and she experienced the connection between her interest in literature and organizational life and development.

 In 2006 she started working in Attractor and was part of building up the department in Copenhagen and was from the beginning engaged in public sector development, leadership development and coaching with inspiration from Bateson, Maturana, Cecchin, Karl Tomm, Ken Gergen, John Shotter, Cooperider, Michael White and many more.

 The work with the development of systemic professional and reflective leadership and the corporation between levels of management is an important interest of Heidi. Another area of interest is coaching managers and employees.

 Heidi holds a Danish Mag. Art in Literature science (culture) and exam. Art. in Organizational anthropology and she uses both disciplines in her work with organizational development and in her leadership of a department of business development.

 Heidis core competencies:

  • Transformational dialogue
  • Systemic approach
  • People Management Experience
  • Leadership Skills in terms of identifying and develop Talents
  • Ability to drive Execution and manage Performance
  • Communicating Skills
  • Leadership – and Organizational Development
  • Teaching at Master and Diploma level
  • Process Consulting and Process management
  • Project management and leadership
  • Coaching and supervision of managers and employees
  • Facilitator of networks
  • Change management

Heidi works as a Business manager of educational development at the Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen and is responsible for interdisciplinary education development, bringing action research, practice and education closer together.

Heidi has been writing and published two books with a colleague:

  • Social capital in organizations – leadership, communication and collaboration, 2014, The Danish Psychological Publishers
  • Social capital in action – ways of collaboration on the shared core task, 2015, The Danish Psychological Publishers