Yuan-chin Chang, Ph.D.

Taiwan Institute of Psychotherapy 
6F., No. 28, Lishui St., Da-an Dist., Taipei 106, Taiwan

Email: yuanchinchang2@gmail.com 
Phone: +886-2-23923528 
Web: https://www.tip.org.tw/psychologists/tid/64

Yuan-chin Chang is a licensed counseling psychologist in Taiwan, an AAMFT approved supervisor and a certified ICEEFT supervisor. Her educational journey includes M.A. in Department of Marriage and Family Therapy from Syracuse University, and Ph.D. from the Taos Institute and Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences from Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Yuan-chin has started her clinical work since 2003. Her clinical interests focus on couple and family relationships with trauma, domestic violence and stigma. Yuan-chin entered the Taos PhD program in 2014 to start her research with Taiwan HIV-serodiscordant couples. Because of HIV stigmatization, serodiscordant relationships are an unrecognized, unblessed, and unspeakable type of relationship. Most clinical practitioners have little understanding about this unique type of couple relationships or viewing these couples from pathological stands. Yuan-chin hopes to create more conversational spaces for this marginalized community with the public and to reconstruct the meaning of HIV and serodiscordant couple relationships.

Yuan-chin prefers to call herself as a “relationships practitioner,” rather than a couple and family therapist. She devotes herself to walking along with her clients  as they experience challenges in their lives. Yuan-chin deeply hopes to create more spaces for all voices and narratives to be heard and appreciated.

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