Lars Munch Svendsen, MA, MBA

MBA, MA in Organizational Communication
Finanssektorens Uddannelsescenter
Skovsvinget 10
DK-8660 Skanderborg

Phone: +45 60386299

Lars Munch Svendsen has extensive experience conducting development processes, coaching, facilitation and competence development. He is a lecturer in strategy, leadership, learning, development and coaching. In his work as a consultant, Lars draws on his strong theoretical and practical expertise with interpersonal and organizational communication, as well as many years of management experience.

Lars Munch Svendsen’s key competencies and primary professional interests are:

  • Leadership and leadership development
  • Dialogical organizational development
  • Process consultation and facilitation
  • Developmental dialogue incl. coaching of teams and individuals
  • Dynamic strategic management and processes
  • Internal and external communication processes 

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