Paul Leslie, Ph.D.

22 Ocean View Drive
Port Mouton, Nova Scotia

B0T 1T0

Phone: 1-902-701-0776

Paul’s philosophy of education is that, “Education is a community affair”. This philosophy is firmly grounded in social construction and is brought to life in his classrooms and educational activities. Paul creates an inspiring educational community where we make our thinking visible to each other and our stakeholders to promote co-created opportunities. 

Currently, Paul is lead faculty for faculty development at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Ross University Medical School. A key practice for any medical professional is the ability to communicate with peers and colleagues through narratives of learning that allow us to make our thinking visible to our educational communities.

Paul is also an adjunct faculty for Queens University in the Faculty of Education where he teaches several courses in a Professional Master of Education Program.

Paul has a passion for exploring how technology can enhance and support our educational endeavors. He has served as curriculum advisor, lead faculty in an Educational Technology Program and as an Educational Technology Academic Coordinator, consulting on a wide range of pedagogic and administrative solutions. His technology experience has put him on many special needs committees where he has developed a wide range of experience with inclusive education and inclusive technology

His favorite activity is to be in the classroom watching teachers teach and observing the varied interactions within the classroom. He has discovered that teachers like to talk so much because they feel they need to explain everything three different ways to reach all their differentiated students!

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