Peter J. Whitehouse, MD, Ph.D.

2895 Carlton Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44122


Peter is a Professor of Neurology and former or current professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Bioethics, History, Nursing and Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University, Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and President of Intergenerational Schools International. He is also currently a strategic advisor in innovation at Baycrest Health Center. He received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and MD-PhD (Psychology) from The Johns Hopkins University (with positions at Harvard and Boston Universities), followed by a Fellowship in Neuroscience and Psychiatry and a faculty appointment at Hopkins. In 1986 he moved to Case Western Reserve University to develop the University Alzheimer Center. He has consulted for numerous small and large pharmaceutical and information technology organizations, as well as NGO, academic and other nonprofits. He has worked on age/dementia friendly communities focusing on learning organizations, the continuum of long-term care, chronic disease management, and the role of integration of primary care and public health.  In 1999 he founded with his wife, Catherine, The Intergenerational School, a unique public multiage, community school ( He is a geriatric neurologist, cognitive scientist, environmental ethicist, and photographer. He is active in visual arts, dance and music organizations globally, including the National Center for Creative Aging and Dance Exchange. He has created several multimedia and transmedia productions He is a transdisciplinarian and loves metaphors. He is coauthor of “The Myth of Alzheimer’s: what you aren’t being told about today’s most dreaded diagnosis.” ( and hundreds of academic papers and book chapters. He is part of the reimagine aging movement personally and culturally. He claims (accurately) to have led the invention of two words: intergenerativity (innovation through integration)  and ecopsychosocial (models of health). He is a futurist with a deep interest in historical roots.   He also occasionally performs as Tree Doctor, a metaphorical creature who educates humans about being healthy from the perspective of a tree in a forest.