Irina Todorova

Health Psychology Research Center
Sofia, 1113, Bulgaria


Department of Health Sciences 
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115, US

Irina Todorova is founding Director of the Health Psychology Research Center in Sofia, Bulgaria and faculty at Northeastern University.  She has received her degrees from Sofia University and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and has had post-doctoral training at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She works on issues related to psychosocial aspects of health and well-being, social change and health, and health disparities. Her research interests include social change in Eastern Europe and implications for health and health equity; social construction of gender, health and the body; critical and qualitative/narrative health psychology.  She is a past President of the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS) (2008-2010), currently Fellow of EHPS and Co-editor of Health Psychology & Behavioral Medicine.  

She has published on narrative inquiry; narratives of immigrant children and adults; constructions of motherhood, childlessness, infertility and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in Bulgaria; cervical cancer prevention in Bulgaria and Romania; inequalities in health, healthcare and particularly in cervical cancer prevention. Todorova consults and conducts training workshops in qualitative and narrative inquiry and narrative coaching in health and healthcare.